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39506RE: [FH] Question medicate or not?

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  • Suze Winn
    Jun 6, 2010
      I am wondering if herpes comes with HCM? My Wasabi has herpes in his nose and is a heavy breather, since he was a kitten. I always wondered about this as I keep reading in some of these posts that some of the cats have herpes along with cardiac problems.

      I also treat with Lysine and keep him on a fairly reg. schedule. Atenolo is added twice daily too.

      suze wasabi, kirin and meiko

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      What Helen says is my exact opinion too. I would never ever want to change Tigger's meds, he's doing so well! But a second opinion is definitely called for if you are worrying about it. If things are going well, why would you want to change? Why take a chance? I realize this isn't the same thing, but I guess there's a lesson in it. Tigger had horrible herpes when I got him. I treated him with Lysine for three months before I got it under control. After a couple years he was so perfectly clear all the time, I followed what someone said on one of the lists, and decided to cut back on the amount of lysine I gave him. Well in no time at all the herpes came back with a vengeance, and although it got a lot better when I went back to the original dose, in 3 years I have never been able to get him so perfectly controlled as he was before I tried to cut back the dose. Don't mess with success.

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      Personally, I would get a second opinion from another cardiologist. Take the echo and whatever else you just had done so you don't have to pay for it again. But if you feel your concerns aren't being taken seriously, it's time to go to someone else. Maybe someone on the list here knows a good cardiologist in your area...??

      Toby's cardiologist initally did not put him on atenolol or enalapril. But said she would if that's what I wanted. She said it wasn't indicated until he went into CHF. Well, I didn't want to just sit around waiting for that to happen so he is on both now. And part of the reason I insisted on the medications was because of the possibilty that they MIGHT reverse some of the issues. Our cardiologist said there was no clinical research to support that theory, but that she thought there were no real concerns from starting on the meds. So since they likely wouldn't hurt him and could possibly help him, I wanted the meds.

      It sounds like you had some success with the meds on the past so I would trust your instincts.

      Wishing you the best,

      ~Helen, Zima, & Toby~

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