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39481Re: [FH] Fwd: Brandy - for feline heart group

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  • Mmayer11
    Jun 1, 2010
      Wise advice, thank you, Sue. We need varying input to give hope. There are all kinds of possibilities with our ailing kitties.
      One thing we must understand...and even the vets who specialize in cats will tell you...domestic cats remain a mystery in the health profession, indeed far more so than with canines.
      And as so many of our members know, there is never never a lost cause. A good specialist and a dedicated/informed caretaker can 99.9% of the time make a world of difference between life and death for our beloved kitties. Dare I say with this attitude...to leave no stone unturned/no specialists left unpressed for more info...we have perhaps some peace of mind and some less regret when and if death wins the battle.


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