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  • Mmayer11
    Jun 1, 2010
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      Dear members...
      Here's Liz's response to us. Somehow her posts have failed to get through. Brandy is still with us!! He could use our prayers...they both could.


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      Subject: Brandy - for feline heart group

      Marianna -

      I've tried to send two different updates to the feline heart group, one on Sunday and one on Monday. Neither has gotten through and I don't understand why. If it's not too much trouble, could you please pass this along to the group?


      Thank you everyone for keeping us in your thoughts! Brandy went to the vet on Sunday after the seizures continued, becoming more frequent and involving right-sided limb motion. When things peaked on Monday, he had four seizures in four hours. He had followup visits Monday and today. They are definitely seizures, not syncope, and although an embolic shower hasn't been ruled out yet officially, both vets who have seen him over the past three days believe this is likely caused by a previously undiscovered brain metastasis from his lung mass.

      We are working to control the seizures using phenobarbital and Valium and things have improved - only one seizure today, close to the time when the next phenobarbital dose was due. My understanding is that it takes a few days for the phenobarbital to reach a steady level in the bloodstream, so this was not completely unexpected. At this point, we are not planning to put him through a head CT because of his numerous serious comorbidities (CRF, HCM, and the lung mass) - his primary vet agrees that it wouldn't buy us much more than a general sense of timeframe for the progression of his illness. Just in case, we are also giving Brandy a tapered course of subQ heparin to try to prevent him from developing an embolic shower.

      Once again, thank you...I'll keep you posted.

      Liz and Brandy

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