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39406Nattokinase Info Roundup

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  • Westgold
    May 18, 2010
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      Hi -- I'm sending this request again, for those who may not have seen it
      last time. I only received 2 emails last time. If you've ever used Natto,
      please write me with your experiences -- here's my original post again --

      Hi -- I would like to start a project with this group. I will assemble all
      the information I receive, and put it into an article for the files. Many
      people seem to be on the fence about Natto, and others feel it is a
      necessity for all heart-kitties --- so let's assemble all the stories and
      see what conclusions we can draw. PLEASE write me if you have even a tiny
      thing to contribute. The more replies I have, the better the information I
      will be able to assemble for everybody.

      If you are giving Nattokinase to your kitty, or gave it to a kitty who is no
      longer with us, please let me know the story. Did you start before any clots
      appeared, or after one? What did your vet say about it? Which brand are you
      using, and where do you get it? How much are you giving and when? How do you
      give it? If you give it with other meds or supplements, please let me know
      those too. Someone mentioned that you have to get the kind without Vitamin
      K, do you know anything about this, and how do you find that kind? None of
      the labels I have seen mentioned this.

      If your kitty still had a clot while taking it, please tell me the story.
      How long had you been giving it, and at what dose?

      Anything else you can think of, please add it. No bit of information is too
      small for what I plan to do here!

      You can post to the group or write me personally --
      thanks, Michelle & Tigger Too in Toronto
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