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  • goofeygalpal
    May 4, 2010
      Hi Michelle

      Tinkerbelle has suffered 2 clots. One to her front leg which resolved pretty rapidly (I gave her homeopathic Arnica immediately but her limp really didn't go away fully until she had acupuncture) and then a little over a month later threw a major clot and both back legs were paralyzed. What saved her was (Arnica 200C) and immediate (the next day) cold laser therapy and intensive acupunture. She now walks, plays, can run, go into her cat tower, etc. albeit *I* can tell she still has a bit of weakness and she had NOT been on aspirin or nattokinase in between those 2 clot episodes. The aspirin almost killed her and we immediately took her off of it, this was during the first clot. And one cannot give aspirin and nattokinase concurrently. i made the mistake of doing that and it wasn't good.

      We immediately initiated nattokinase after her second clot (ST) and she gets one capsule of Doctor's Best 2000 FU (which i think is roughly 100 mg) divided into 2 dosages. I give it on empty stomach by putting half the capsule in a bit of water and carefully syringing it. I am giving this dosage because i feel she is high risk and want to be preventative. I got the dosage info from another group, i think maintenance might be a lower dosage but she seems to be doing well on this (KNOCK ON WOOD) she is also on Enalapril which i feel is benefiting her.

      I do also alternate nattokinase every other day with the much more expensive lumbrokinase (20 mg) because studies show it has a lower incidence of hemorrhage SE's.
      Here are actual cases of pets using lumbrokinase: http://www.l-rzyme.com/index.html
      I'm also in a quandry about replacing the nattokinase with lumbrokinase because it is much more expensive but some studies suggest it has a lower incidence of hemorrhage SE's AND.... nattokinase has the possibility of allergic reaction. (tink has allergies) http://ai.jsaweb.jp/fulltext/056030257/056030257_index.html

      I am hoping and praying that natto (and lumbro) keep her clot free after the HELL we've been through. And it is approved by our naturopathic vet. It is strange because her actual heart disease is classified as mild. So mild in fact that when she threw her FIRST clot (front leg) her cardiologist wasn't even convinced it was due to her heart. She was convinced of course when she threw the second (ST). So this kind of sucks.


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