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39197Jerry - HCM - Diagnosed August or Sept 2004

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  • Dawn Taylor
    Apr 9, 2010
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      Hey everyone,

      I'm Dawn.. and my HCM cat is Jerry.. We were active on this group quite
      a while ago (different username), but you know how life goes. Figured I
      would drop in and give a quick update.

      Jerry is still ticking (I'm not kidding). When he was originally
      diagnosed he was mild to moderate.. he's moderate to severe (as of 6
      months ago) but still enjoying life. He had dental surgery a couple
      years ago and had 8 teeth and part of his jaw removed (for anyone who is
      still around from way back then, the pre-surgery check up was where his
      heart murmur was detected, surgery put on hold, ultrasound scheduled,
      etc). We put off the surgery as long as we could but it eventually
      effected his quality of life so much we had to just go for it, and he
      pulled through with flying colours!

      He also had a surgery about a year ago to remove a skin infection after
      3 months of every kind of treatment we could come up with failed to work.

      He has also developed Asthma in the last year and isn't very responsive
      to ventolin so he's on flovent (I know :(.. but what can you do) and it
      works quite well for him. What a relief the Asthma diagnosis was, I
      thought it was heart failure.

      Next week is his 6 month ekg/ultrasound/blood work/xrays check up.. he
      has been slowing down a bunch lately.. so I don't expect the best news
      next week.. but he's still happy.. one day at a time!

      Jerry was estimated to be 1 year old when I got him, and is suspected to
      have been born with HCM.. he is currently at least 6.5! For the last 4
      years I think, he has been on diltiazem, initially in liquid form 3x a
      day, and then suspended release once a day capsules we get made at a
      human pharmacy (22.5mg a day).. he's been on the capsules for over 2
      years now.. I know at the time there was some debate as to the treatment
      method his doctors and I chose.. but for him it has worked wonders.

      Since I was active in the group last, I added to the family, and have a
      CH kitty named Hitch who also has a rare immune system disorder, and
      Nova (who I had back then and is somewhere between 9 and 12 years old)
      has developed diabetes. The 3 of them combined keep me pretty busy :).

      Hope all is going well with everyone,