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39166Re: [FH] Re: use of cholesterol lowering spread in pill administration?

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  • Pat
    Apr 1, 2010
      Hi Judith;

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      From: "JudithG" <goldbe50@...>

      > Last trip to the vet cardiologist, I was told to not come back as it
      > appears that Ruby outgrew her heart murmur. I once again wished him, "may
      > >our future meetings be social only."
      > Being a nervous mummy, I'm still here.

      With Hamlet we find that veterinarians can only hear his murmur on occasion,
      which is normal with this type of murmur. What I have learned from DH's
      adventures with heart monitors, etc., is that even when a monitor is
      attached to your body for 24 hours, there is a good chance that nothing will
      show on the monitor, even when there are serious enough problems that
      surgery needs to be done. Then, when they put one on me for elimination
      purposes, (not supposed to show anything), the monitor DID show AF.
      Cardiology is still limited in the tools available, partly because we can't
      be attached to monitors 24/7, or alternately the specialty machines are too
      expensive, especially for veterinary practices.

      So -- don't be surprised if another vet down the road who is doing just a
      physical or quick check detects the murmur again. We just found that with
      low fat foods Hamlet's murmur seems to be less noticeable and we go through
      many checks for him where the vet detects nothing. This has been going on
      for years, and he is now 19 years old, so the murmur isn't something to
      worry about if you do what you can to keep cardio exercise going, and fat
      and sodium content down as much as you can reasonably do.

      While I am not on this list for Hamlet, I too will probably stay once
      Pepper's defect has caught up with him.

      Pat and all the boys
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