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390Re: [feline-heart] An intro of sorts

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  • the chunns
    Jun 1, 2000
      Anyes - how much Vitamin C,E,and Selenium did you give your kitty?

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      Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 8:58 PM
      Subject: Re: [feline-heart] An intro of sorts

      > Amber StarCat wrote:
      > > ...by miracle I was seen by the only veterinary
      > > cardiologist in the state of Florida who has cardiac
      > > clinics in different places in Florida but whose
      > > general practice is in Gainesville. Willow was then
      > > put on Atenolol and has since been doing great. Also,
      > > CoQ10...but I've been lax about giving that to him.
      > > He has an appointment today with his primary.
      > > Hopefully everything will check out.
      > Hi Amber and glad you found this list...
      > Your kitty might benefit from antioxydants as well. We used vit C, E and
      > Selenium which are all good for heart function. These can be mixed with
      > food, as well as taurine which also helps kitties heart. We gave all of
      > these to our Lucie and she outlived her diagnosis of heart and kidney
      > failure by a very long time considering that she was in end stage crf.
      > Good luck to you and Willow,
      > Anyes, angel Lucie, Georgina and Angelica
      > You can see my girls at
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