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38977What is a normal heart rate?

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  • daisyfoxworth
    Mar 2, 2010
      The wonderful forum FAQ indicates it should be in the range of 130-140. At rest at home Ginger varies from 180 to 200 (I have a good BP monitor that also provides HR). While at the vet's yesterday for an ultrasound her HR was 188 which the cardiologist said was normal. (I use flower essences to calm her at the vets so I'm not surprised the reading was consistent with what I see at home.)

      I thought 188 was high and a reflection of her thyroid disease. She was diagnosed hyperthyroid in 2007 and has done well on methimazole, but as of the most recent bloodwork her T4 suddenly shot up so we're in the process of trying to bring it back down. X-ray and ultrasound didn't show any serious issues fortunately. So I thought there was a hyperthyroid-induced tachycardia that might respond to an increased methimazole dose, unless she is already in normal range for HR.

      Ultrasound diagnosis if it seems relevant, and assuming I understand all the acronyms, is "mild mitral regurgitation and aortic insufficiency with mild left ventricular ejection" No medications indicated at this time. Ginger is about 18 and a very sedate cat.

      Would appreciate any feedback.

      Thanks, Daisy
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