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389Vit B toxic levels? Dangerous?

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  • gran_patti
    Jun 1, 2000
      hello all my friends, does anyone remember a post about Vitamin B and it being toxic to the point of death or near death? I am getting so paranoid and confused about what is good and what is dangerous and maybe I am remembering wrong. If anyone knows anything about that could you post about safe levels. Lilli's new homeopathic vet started her on VitaminB and I think vitamin B 1 is the vitamin to supplement her with due to the lasix stripping going on. But his recommendation is a B vitamin Complex which includes Vitamin B 1 but it has all the other B vitamins in it and each capsule contains 50 mg of each B vitamin listed on the label. She threw up the first capsule I gave her and it was a very vitaminey smell and the color of the capsule, kind of gold, The next day I dumped half the capsule out and gave her half the dose in the a.m. and dumped another capsule and gave her 1/2 the capsule in the p.m. this approach and she did not vomit it back up I also fed baby food beef before and after the capsule. It seems to me that Vitamin B used to make me sort of sick or weird feeling when I took it and I had to stop and I don't think it was even big doses. Anyone have any free floating knowledge about safe levels or a reference or web site to which I could go and get over being worried? Love to you all and your glorious little furry warriors as we all trudge along. I really believe our collective knowledge and computer skills are saving the day in this household. Love and Purrs Patti and Lilli

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