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38833weakness in legs

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  • maxlevensmom
    Feb 3, 2010
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      As you know, Max threw a clot to his right rear leg a week ago sunday. He recovered quickly and was walking fine on monday. Today, and a little bit yesterday, I am noticing he has some weakness in both rear legs...he is using them, but limping a little off and on. I almost wonder if he's having a little arthritis since we are having cool and rainy weather and our house is all open here in Mexico, so it's cool and damp. I hope so...because the other possibility would be something to do with clots. Has anyone seen anything like this? He doesn't seem to be in major discomfort...he's still jumping all his normal places (although he never regained his full strength after the clot and jumps with some difficulty.) He's a sleepy 13 year old now, but this is new. I'd love any feedback from anyone with ideas about what this could be. Thanks...Judi and Max
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