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38827Re: TJ in Houston - HCM

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  • mottola22
    Feb 2, 2010
      Hi Debra,

      Were you able to get TJ in for more testing yesterday? Any results yet?

      Here's my 2 cents on some of your questions:

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "airumel" <beepsandclicks@...> wrote: Has anyone had luck using herbs (dandelion, etc) instead of Lasix?

      I had much luck using dandelion WITH lasix with Mr Pepe. His HCM was too advanced to be able to drop the lasix completely. But I was able to reduce the amount of lasix needed to control fluid by using dandelion. Clara's HCM is not yet at the stage where she needs a diuretic. When I feel she is, I will start her on dandelion immediately, in hopes this is all she will need.

      <If TJ's kidneys are healthy, will these drugs still cause his kidneys to suffer, or is there a way to offset this?>

      The tests your vet is running will give you a baseline. Both lasix and enalapril can be hard on kidneys. There are ways to overcome this. Your holistic vet should be able to determine what is the best approach for him. With Mr Pepe, dandelion seemed to do a good job keeping his kidneys in good shape in addition to being a diuretic. TJ might require a different approach.

      Please keep us posted,

      Deena, Clara and Mr Pepe angel
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