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38813WAS Re: [FH] Re: TJ in Houston - HCM , NOW Litter

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  • kathryn m
    Feb 1, 2010
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      i have always used Worlds Best Kitty litter because not only am i sensitive to smells but belle is a sphynx and they have sensitive skin so i didnt want anything that could aggravate her skin. when belle first started having asthma symptoms i switched to Swheat litter because world best is made with corn and corn is allergen to some cats- i was trying to be safe. the Swheat litter was fine until the 3rd bag which smelled rather earthy even to me but not bad. belle didnt like it and i saw her get in and out of her litter box and i switched back to worlds best. belle is pretty sensitive and picky though. recently i moved her litter box from one wall to another- so it was about 3 feet from where it was and belle was not pleased and did the in and out thing within a few hours within 5 minutes of putting it back she used the box did her business and all was well. yes, she is the boss here:)
      katy & belle
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