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  • Helen Peterson
    Feb 1, 2010
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       Thank you for sharing the info!

      Toby is on 1/4 of a 75mg tablet of plavix daily.  So were you advised a smaller dose?  Just wondering since you said you can't get a smaller dose of plavix.

      I don't know much about Natto, but do you know which is better to prevent clots - natto or plavix?  Toby threw a clot to his leg New Year's day, so his chances of having another one are significant.  His cardiologist said that the plavix wouldn't stop a clot, but lessen the likelyhood and possibly prolong the time before next clot.

      Toby is also on 1/4 of a 81mg tablet of asprin every 72 hrs. And enalapril daily.  I am having a hard time trying to decide wheather or not to start him on atenolol. His cardiologist just gave him the plavix and aspirn as there isn't the research to support the possible benefits of the enalapril...or the atenolol.  But she is willing to prescribe them if I want him to have them.  So I went ahead with the enalapril and can't decide on the atenolol, since he only has HCM - not obstructive.

      Any info you could pass along would be appreciated!  I want to do everything I can for Toby and not miss giving him something that could help him because I didn't know about it.

       ~Helen,  Zima, & Toby ~

      From: Judi Levens <casaobelisco@...>
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      Sent: Mon, February 1, 2010 12:32:19 PM
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      Hi Susan:  This is what my vet said about it...he's from UC Davis in CA which is a highly respected vetinary school:

      To be reminded, no definitive treatment protocols have been established in
      vet medicine for aortic thromboembolism so far, even though there have been
      belief and promising clinical trials that showed a positive effect with
      Plavix + Aspirin. However, not all cardiologists believe that. Because cats
      on both meds still develop clot formation.

      Given the situation, I think Aspirin + Natto would also be a good choice now.  (he's talking about the fact that I can't get any lower dose than 75 mg of Plavix here.)

      I don't think you should beat yourself up...you were extremely conscious and caring about Pye, and it was just her time to go.  This information is frustrating to me too, but I have also seen the tremendous advances in veterinary care for cats with heart conditions in just a very short time.  I wish there were a way to prevent this disease but it is no more possible in cats than in humans...it can be treated, they can be relatively healthy, but the heart is unpredictable and it will fail eventually.

      Teasure your good memories of Pye...

      take care and I hope you'll be feeling better soon...Judi and Max

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