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  • Pat
    Feb 1, 2010
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      Hi Kristen;

      Three of our cats did very well with a change made over a month, but for
      Legolas we had to back off and take several months, as well as ensure that
      his litter box was cleaned out after every use. There is no totally dust
      free litter other than those 'pearl' type things that are uncomfortable for
      cats, or the smelly newspaper pellets, but we are very pleased with World's
      Best. It just took a lot of patience with Legolas who showed his
      displeasure by depositing feces outside the entrance to his box when he
      wasn't happy. )-;

      Pat and all the boys

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      From: "Kristen G" <apacheadd@...>
      > Hi -- Sorry to hijack this discussion, but your comment about litter
      > caught my eye. I have tried to switch my cats to World's best litter, or
      > >something like that, from the clay litter (fresh step, UGH) but they just
      > did not like it, even when I mixed just a little into their normal. Did
      > you >have any problems switching to Swheat Scoop? Just curious. If I hug
      > Duffer (yes, I force her to be hugged before dinner!!) I can smell that
      > clay >litter dust on her -- horrible. I have been using clay litter since
      > they were kittens.
      > If anyone else has any litter thoughts or experiences, please share! :)
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