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388Re: [feline-heart] An intro of sorts

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  • Anyes Moscrip
    May 31, 2000
      Amber StarCat wrote:

      > ...by miracle I was seen by the only veterinary
      > cardiologist in the state of Florida who has cardiac
      > clinics in different places in Florida but whose
      > general practice is in Gainesville. Willow was then
      > put on Atenolol and has since been doing great. Also,
      > CoQ10...but I've been lax about giving that to him.
      > He has an appointment today with his primary.
      > Hopefully everything will check out.

      Hi Amber and glad you found this list...
      Your kitty might benefit from antioxydants as well. We used vit C, E and
      Selenium which are all good for heart function. These can be mixed with
      food, as well as taurine which also helps kitties heart. We gave all of
      these to our Lucie and she outlived her diagnosis of heart and kidney
      failure by a very long time considering that she was in end stage crf.

      Good luck to you and Willow,
      Anyes, angel Lucie, Georgina and Angelica
      You can see my girls at
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