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386Re: [feline-heart] Pet sitting

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  • Diane
    May 31, 2000
      >This is EXACTLY the situation I was in. I simply stayed home because Gato
      >hated the vet. He wanted calm and quiet and his own nooks and cranies to
      >crawl off into where he could sleep a lot. Something not to be had at any
      >boarding facility.

      Frisky has always done great when I had to board him in the past (when he
      was on chemo). Or when I would leave him for the day for testing. As a
      matter of fact, if I had ever had to board another cat, I would purposly
      bring Frisky as he was so good there, and ask that they be caged together.

      But when he was in for IV treatment a couple weeks ago it was a disaster.
      He was miserable, and I was going to see him every day too. By day 4 he was
      growling at me! The vet said he went nuts when they put the bandage around
      the IV (this is my good calm cat who they would give chemo injections
      practically hands-off). I'm hoping he was just furious with the catheter
      and not the boarding per se. I will see what his numbers are next week and
      keep an eye on his attitude before deciding whether to go or not. Even if I
      do go, I can come home if he is miserable. If nothing else, I will have had
      a nice drive and a night away. Sigh.....

      >Well, I'm glad you think it is a good idea. Where do you live? If it is in
      >Seattle I could give you a day off!

      I couldn't be much further away - we're in CT! :)

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