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38547Re: My boy Charlie

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  • serobken@att.net
    Jan 10, 2010
      Visited him again tonight-still breathing a little fast but definitely not as deep or labored. And he was laying down sleeping (finally) :) Vet techs even commented that he was curling himself up to sleep and now was stretched out. I told them he sleeps stretched out and home.

      but good news is that his blood test was normal except for an elevated kindney value which they attribute to the lasixs meds. They had to give him a little fluid under the skin, but doc saw him drinking water. and he has peed a couple of times in the litter box, now that it's his own stuff. :)

      What concerns me is that he hasn't eaten anything yet. Cardio appointment tomorrow, not sure if I will get to take him or he'll have to go by ambulance. I hoping I get to just so I can pet him and be with him. It's been a long two days

      Fingers crossed for even a little good news tomorrow
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