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38447Tootsie is gone

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  • cococy45
    Jan 1, 2010
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      We have just returned home from making that gut wrenching decision. Such a sad day.

      This morning she was having great difficulty even trying to sit, just couldn't do it. Then she couldn't breathe. When I tried to move her she was in tremendous pain and we rushed her to the emergency center. The er vet said she was in shock, temp was 96, abdomen extremely painful and bloated. Vet said her systems were more than likely shutting down but xrays could have been done to try to ascertain the cause of the bloating, however, vet said the intestinal tract is one of the first to quit. Tootsie has always been my husband's girl, Mellie is mine and so I said it was his decision what to do and he just didn't want to put her through any more and I agreed, as did the vet. At least she is no longer in pain and is at peace. Goodness, we'll miss her so very much! and her sister, Mellie, will also. Just hope she doesnt take a down turn. My sister is here visiting, she said that the whole time we were gone that Mellie walked around the house crying, she had been watching Tootsie this morning and seemed to know what was going on.

      Carol, I'm thinking of you and hoping you are seeing some improvement in your precious Snowball.

      Thanks to everyone for all the good advice this past year.
      hugs to all, carol and the girls
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