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38199Re:Help !!!

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  • janie
    Dec 5, 2009
      I am so sorry for your loss. Yes what is your Kitties name? I have not
      got a heart kitty now sick. I have lost 5 to this and at one time I
      lost 2 in 6 months. It is so hard. I did find this is the best group
      of all the feline and dog groups the most caring people. Write your
      heart out and it will help. I have still kept emails from when I lost
      mine some people still here and some not. It helps. No empty arms will
      be there for awhile until another comes and needs your love. You will
      always miss that one but the new one makes you laugh and love again
      some day. Take very good care of your self. Thinking of you Janie
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