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  • Ann Hobson-Kelly
    Nov 30, 2009

      I breed Devon Rex and Sphynx cats.  I scan all my cats annually and prior to breeding.  We discuss HCM continually on the Sphynx lists I am a member of, but rarely on the Rex list.

      HCM can and is found in every breed of cat, pedigree, moggie, outcross regardless.  It is also found in man and whilst genetic councelling is given - the families of sufferers are not told that they cannot have families.  Most older cats, dogs, and people will show some degree of cardiac failure - some sooner than others.

      Now, I'm not suggesting that breeders should continue to breed with cats affected at a young age, but if we neuter every cat in the line of a cat affected with late onset HCM we will run into BIG problems with reducing the gene pool. 

      With regard to the thickness of the left ventricle.  In UK a measurement of <5.5 is regarded as a healthy heart.  In general over here one would only worry if the figure was 5.5 and above.  Also, that if consecutive scans showed no deterioration, then the original measurement would also signify a healthy heart for that individual - even if that measurement was 6.0

      HCM is a dreadful disease and one the Sphynx community is well aware of and 'responsible' breeders scan and continue to scan.  We raise money for research to find a genetic marker and do anything we can to help.  However, there are always the BYB who can destroy everything a that responsible breeder has achieved by an irresponsible attitude to genetic health and vigour.
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      Just got back from the vet. Jasmine had her echocardiogram and she does
      have HCM. The vet was amazed that my vet picked up the murmur. You could
      only hear it in one place and if you didn't put your stethoscope there you
      would miss it. He confirmed for me that my family vet is awesome.

      Anyway, Jazz has a slight case. The vet told me that the normal values
      for heart wall measurements were less than 4.8 cm. Jazz's measurements were
      4.9 and 5.4. He has recommended a small dose of atenolol daily and then to
      return next year for a repeat exam and echo. He said that he probably
      wouldn't treat an older cat with these measurements, but Jazz will only be 4
      next month so he wants to go ahead and start treatment. He said that it was
      up to me, but if it was his cat, he would treat her. That was good enough
      for me.

      Now off to contact the breeder. I don't believe that Jazz's parents are
      still breeding so that part is moot.


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