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3786Re: [CRF] Taffy's Ultrasound

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  • yarringt@asel.udel.edu
    Oct 1, 2001
      Is this a stomach ultrasound or a heart ultrasound? That sounds insane
      to me, unless they're going to knock him out, and even then I thought
      you were only supposed to fast for 12 hours. Can you tell us exactly
      what they're going to do and what they're looking for?

      -Debra & Tigger

      Cynthia Rausch wrote:

      > Hi Everyone,
      > Taffy will be going in at 2:00 pm, for his ultrasound, now they have
      > just phone me and told me that I cannot feed him after 7:00 tonight.
      > That means he will not receive anything 19 hours, is this a normal
      > practice? When we were booked at the other Clinic, I asked whether
      > this needed to be done and they he could have his fluids and eat.
      > I wonder what's going on?
      > Cynthia, Taffy, Samuel