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3781Re: help! hard to control intermediate cardimyopathy

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  • mukki2@yahoo.com
    Oct 1, 2001
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      I don't know if anyone has recommended rutin yet, but that is what
      someone told me to use. That person switched their cat off lasix, I
      believe, and rutin controlled the fluid build-up. I tried it,
      however, and my cat would not eat it in his wet food. The pills are
      also very large so it would be impossible to pill my cat with them.

      My vets have told me that eventually the lasix stops being effective
      at controlling the fluid build-up. However, I have done some research
      on the web and some info seemed to indicate that people can build up
      tolerance to one diuretic. Oftentimes, several are used. However, I
      have never discussed this with my vet nor has one ever recommended a
      different diuretic.

      For the record, my cat is currently on 2.5mg Enacard 2x a day (or 5mg
      a day) and 25mg lasix 2x a day (or 50mg a day). Again, none of the
      vets I talked to recommended I increase it to that level -- it was a
      risk I took on my own because the lower dosage was not effective and
      the only other choice was another trip to the emergency vets
      (expensive and stressful for my cat).

      --- In feline-heart@y..., Alexis Snyder <cozycat@r...> wrote:
      > thanx for responding so fast....no he only has damage on the left
      and I
      > did ask about injectgable and she said no but we have switched vets
      > have another appt today and will ask him...
      > how much dandelion did you give on top of lasix?
      > VHess2000@c... wrote:
      > >My cat had restrictive cardiomyopathy as well, which probably has
      the worse
      > >prospects of any of the feline heart problems. It is unclear,
      why cats get
      > >it -- some may have had a virus, or it might be an autoimmune
      problem. On
      > >average, cats diagnosed with RCM only live 3 - 9 months after
      > >Kira only lived 6 months, and suffered 2 blood clots. I suspect
      that your cat
      > >might have damage to both ventricles of the heart, as opposed to
      most readers
      > >on the list, whose HCM cats have left ventricle involvement only.
      > >with damage to both ventricles have twice the problem with
      fluid. You could
      > >try giving the cat, dandelion in addition to oral lasix, but I
      would strongly
      > >suggest getting your vet to give you injectable lasix, which can
      > >fluid-build up in a matter of hours. The injections are a little
      > >difficult to give, (given at the base of the rib cage), but saves
      you and the
      > >cat stressful and expensive trips to the vet. You'd probably have
      to give it
      > >1x or 2x a week, in addition to the dandelion and oral lasix.
      Also, are you
      > >using a sodium-restricted food?
      > >
      > >Victoria
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