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37672Re: Please help! HCM and lung disease (possible Asthma?)

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  • dshale1
    Oct 1, 2009
      Yes, as I mentioned, Pye was diagnosed with mild asthma a number of years before the HCM, and has been on Flovent all that time. Currently she gets 1 puff of 110 Flovent twice a day, and for her heart she is on analapril, Plavix, atenolol and furosemide (Lasix). She has been on this regimen since last November when her echo showed severe HCM (previously had just been mild and she was only on atenolol).

      Neither my vet nor the cardologist ever said heart failure either, but the cardiologist said he saw a trace of pleural fluid and that's why he put her on the lasix. On x-ray there has not been any sign of fluid in her lungs, but she has her next echo in two weeks so we'll see.

      I did get worried in June because we had guests one weekend and she started hiding and wouldn't eat, so we thought of heart failure. However, the vet didn't find any evidence of that, but he did say her lungs were showing some changes typical of chronic asthma. Previously she was only on the Flovent dose once a day, but we then increased to twice a day (which is the norm). Follow up x-rays showed some improvement in her lungs and she was her old self again, so it was the asthma that was causing her symptoms, not the HCM.

      Lately she has been sneezing a bit but from what I've been told, sneezing isn't usually related to asthma. She is getting all her labs done this week and I'll see what the vet says about the sneezing.

      Pye's asthma was not diagnosed by broncoscopy, which, as has been described, is a rather stressful procedure. Originally her symptom was just occasional coughing--usually at night. She sleeps on the bed, and would wake up and have a coughing spell. Then she'd go right back to sleep. X-rays showed some mild lung inflammation, and I believe her bloodwork showed mildly elevated eosiniphils, which can indicate an allergic reaction. Vet decided to do a short trial with prednisolone, which stopped her coughing within 24 hours. Based on that evidence, he diagnosed mild asthma, which has been until recently completely controlled with Flovent once a day.

      Giving oral steroids to a heart kitty is risky but you could try Flovent to see if it helps. It takes a couple of weeks to take effect, though. Yes, due to the asthma Pye can be wheezy and snorty sometimes and used to snore pretty loudly, but she sounds much better on a higher dose of Flovent.

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "smittyhj82" <smittyhj82@...> wrote:
      > Hi. Wanted to get everyones thoughts on HCM and lung disease. Winston, my 6 month old Ragdoll was diagnosed with HCM last month. He is on lasix, atenolol and baby asprin. When they did his chest x-ray they noticed some very serious lung changes, but no one (his regular vet or the cardiologist) has ever mentioned that he has "FLUID" in his chest, and they have never said "CHF". So, my reglar vet leans toward asthma. How many of you are not only treating HCM, but breathing problems too?
      > I would love to hear what HCM meds they are on and what Asthma meds too, as i'd like to discuss with my vet.
      > Has anyone had a broncoscopy on there kitties?
      > Winston sounds congested, stuffy and wheezy. Anyone notice this too? He snores also. Sneezes, but no nasal discharge.
      > Please let me know if you can offer any insight on this situation.
      > Winston sends thanks and hugs :)
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