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37670Re: Please help! HCM and lung disease (possible Asthma?)

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  • katy4282003
    Oct 1, 2009
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      i typed a lengthy reply and my keyboard went nuts and i lost it! i will try again. belle was diagnosed with HCM in september 2004 about a year later she started this coughing thing- outstretched neck and she would move her head a little as she coughed. i though CHF immediately and literally rushed her to the vet. they found nothing. this went on for months and i was taking her to the vet or cardiologist weekly as it got worse. there was never any fluid. the only thing of note was a very slight flattening of her diaphragm seen on xray. labs were always unremarkable. her atenolol was switched to diltiazem to make sure that wasnt the cause of her coughing (atenolol can cause bronchial spasms or worsen asthma in some) but the med change didnt help in fact she had more issues- huge stomach upset, she lost weight and her murmur returned besides she still had these attacks. belle was seen by an internal medicine specialist who did a bronchial lavage- i DO NOT recommend you do this. it is IMHO aggressive and belle had an asthma attack during the procedure, had to bagged and resuscitated. the only good thing is that the IM specialist said that she knew what an asthma attack looked like and immediately put her on inhalers (less risky than oral or injectible steroids) but i was close to loosing her. since the procedure had to be ended early due to her attack the cellular sample was inconlusive but i think that sometimes you need to treat the patient and not the lab results especially when the procedure could end life. within 2-4 weeks on flovent the attacks stopped. belle stared out on 220mg flovent 2x a day, went to 1x a day about a year later where she has stayed but she goes back to her vet in a few weeks i want to see about lowering it to 110mg and she how she does. i have moved to my own home which is very well made and the air quality is very good so i am hopeful that she will need less medicine for her asthma.
      katy & belle

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "smittyhj82" <smittyhj82@...> wrote:
      > Hi. Wanted to get everyones thoughts on HCM and lung disease. Winston, my 6 month old Ragdoll was diagnosed with HCM last month. He is on lasix, atenolol and baby asprin. When they did his chest x-ray they noticed some very serious lung changes, but no one (his regular vet or the cardiologist) has ever mentioned that he has "FLUID" in his chest, and they have never said "CHF". So, my reglar vet leans toward asthma. How many of you are not only treating HCM, but breathing problems too?
      > I would love to hear what HCM meds they are on and what Asthma meds too, as i'd like to discuss with my vet.
      > Has anyone had a broncoscopy on there kitties?
      > Winston sounds congested, stuffy and wheezy. Anyone notice this too? He snores also. Sneezes, but no nasal discharge.
      > Please let me know if you can offer any insight on this situation.
      > Winston sends thanks and hugs :)
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