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37547Re: [FH] Hello Feline Heart Group !

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  • Pat
    Sep 10, 2009
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      Hi Cathy and Group;

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      From: "cathy coleman" <catherama@...>
      >I've never heard of open mouth breathing while having a bowel movement, but
      >that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

      We can confirm that 'sucking air' as we call it happens when Pepper has
      exerted himself in the litter box. As I mentioned in a previous posting, we
      try to lower the stress level by coming to the rescue and 'covering' his
      excrement before he gets too exhausted, but this is becoming fairly common
      with most activities where Pepper is concerned.

      >It might indicate pain. That's something I would check with her doctor
      I don't think that is the case as it doesn't stop Pepper from tearing around
      the house after Thumper as soon as he gets his second wind, and of course
      then he has to flop down and gasp for air again. Pepper learned very
      quickly this summer to choose shady spots even though he loves the sun, so
      he knows to avoid what gives him a problem except for the over exertion.
      Right from the start I have commented that I think he likes feeling a sort
      of runner's high when careening around the house.

      As for the increased red blood cell count, someone was mentioning use of a
      blood thinner, but that wouldn't work in this case. We use a blood thinner
      in the hopes that it gives Pepper more good time with us, but he doesn't
      have a problem producing a balanced proportion of cells in the blood, thick
      or thin. Pepper does have a very slight bluish tinge developing along the
      gum line which shows his extremities don't get all the oxygen they should.

      Pat and all the boys
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