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37543Re: [FH] Hello Feline Heart Group !

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  • Pat
    Sep 9, 2009
      Hi "sorose15";

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      From: "sorose15" <sorose15@...>
      > I've joined because my little 6 pound Winky was born with a ventricular
      > septal defect (hole between 2 chambers in >her heart)and now has developed
      > polycythemia ('thick' blood from too many red blood cells). Winky is 12
      > now.

      My how time flies. We took Pepper in as a foster cat in October of 2007,
      and he was supposedly four months old at that time. That means he is now
      two years and four months old..........we were told his prognosis was six
      months if I remember correctly, when he was diagnosed with septal ventral
      defect that was inoperable:

      As you have managed to keep your cat alive this long, you are obviously
      doing all the right things so far, especially as we have been watching
      Pepper come close to angina attacks through the hot weather. You give us
      hope that this 'worry' could go on for years. (-;

      Pepper always finds litter box excursions hard and has gasped for air for
      years. We just try to be around to shoo him out of the box and clean it so
      that his exertion levels are kept as low as possible. The hard breathing
      has been going on for about a year if I remember correctly, and while I do
      understand your concern, I am wondering if your girl has developed the
      seriousness that we are dealing with yet. You may have been luckier up to
      this point.

      For soft stools we use FortiFlora from the vet's office. It works well and
      quickly which lowers the stress level for all. Before that came out we used
      Pro Pectalin that controlled stool consistancy but didn't stop the issue
      from having to be addressed. Pepper's soft stools have been resolved for a
      long time. My understanding is that you have fluids spilling into the GIT
      rather than collecting around the lungs or heart, and for us this has been a
      very GOOG thing, as something we can easily control.

      HTH.....Pat and all the boys
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