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  • carolroars
    Aug 31, 2009
      Hi Lynn,

      This is some information on DMG from the "files". In addition to it helping with absorption, it also helps with oxygen and energy to the heart.

      ~DMG 125mg/day

      DMG is supposed to also help with oxygen delivery to the heart.
      "DMG supplementation supports circulation and cardiovascular
      fucntion. DMG enhances oxygen delivery to the heart and
      improves several characteristics of the blood, including
      cholesterol and triglyceride levels maintained within normal ranges."

      Here's other info from this site:
      "DMG will strengthen the heart through a process called
      transmethylation. It will increase the available energy
      to help the heart muscles contract."

      The DMG comes in individually wrapped foils, 125mg each.
      Cut the tablet with a razor blade (they crumble sometimes,
      it's a tiny pill), and put the second half back in the foil
      and wrap it up good or put it in an empty capeuls and keep
      it in the fridge. DMG is sensitive to light and air,
      they make the tablets melt.

      And, here is a link to a google search I did for sources to by online.

      I use the Foodscience of Vermont brand. Vetri-Science is a division of Foodscience and they make a DMG product for pets, but I just use the "human" ones. http://www.vetriscience.com/about.php

      Carol and Snowball and the gang

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Pat" <Pat.Creighton@...> wrote:

      > Also, is there a homeopathic veterinarian anywhere near you, or can you find an online source of DMG, (dimethylglycine). DMG enhances absorption of nutrients for malnourished cats. We used it to help our FIV+ cat when he was suffering from vaccinosis: http://legolasourfivboy.blogspot.com/
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