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37499Re: [FH] Loosing weight

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  • Kristen G
    Aug 28, 2009
      My Duffer lost around the same amount over the first couple of months when she started taking lasix.  So, I started giving her absolutely everything she would eat, whenever she wanted it.  Canned food all the time, plus dry food.  At the last visit, she had put on .2 pounds and she seems to have a somewhat round belly all the time now.  Maybe it is the meds?  Can you try feeding Buddy more of his favorite things? 

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      Sent: Friday, August 28, 2009 4:15:31 PM
      Subject: [FH] Loosing weight

      Hi, I took Buddy to the vet today because I thought he wasn't eating enough and loosing weight. Well he lost almost 2 pounds. He has to lower the meds to accommodate the weight.I am going out tonight and buying a scale. he gave him a blood test and I will find out tomorrow if there is anything more wrong with him. this is very upsetting, so much for only 9 months. Lynn

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