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37261Alternative to Lasix?

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  • debbie.bendell
    Jul 28, 2009
      Aja is 16 years old. In April 2009 she had a depo medrol shot which led to pulmonary edema. A chest xray showed that she has an enlarged heart. Since April she's been on furosemide and benazepril. She saw a cardiologist at CSU, who recommended that Aja have I131 for her hyperthyroid, which would perhaps resolve her heart problem. She had I131 in April 2009. (Aja's hyper-t had been untreated for a year because methimazole caused bone marrow suppression).

      Aja's bloodwork last week showed elevated kidney values. This could be from renal failure that was masked by the hyper-t, or from the meds she is taking. Also, unfortunately, she is now hypothyroid.

      Is there an alternative to lasix that would be easier on her kidneys? We go back to the cardiologist on Thursday for an echocardiogram, and I will talk to the cardiologist about a different medication.

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