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3707Re: when is it time to euthanize?

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  • mukki2@yahoo.com
    Sep 20, 2001
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      Every vet I talk to is surprised he is still alive (diagnosed in
      January 2000, after he went into CHF after a routine dental
      cleaning). I've been quite attentive to him, adjusting the
      medications after doing research (which I know you aren't supposed to
      do). This downhill spiral started after we left him to go to LV for a
      weekend in late July. He gurgled after that and then I went to Palm
      Springs last weekend and he's much worse now (although I seem to have
      stabilized him). I think he gets stressed when we leave him even
      though he has someone who comes over to feed him and give him meds.
      He's very tired but still shows signs of happiness. I might try the
      Dandelion or ask the vet about injectable lasix. Unfortunately, I
      don't think my vets are very experimental or at least don't have a
      wide range of experience.

      --- In feline-heart@y..., "Mike & Linda Irrgang" <irrgang@a...> wrote:
      > i think that my pumpkin is starting to have the same problem and
      today the
      > vet came to see him and talked about fluid in his lungs....i know
      it's hard
      > to know the right time to pts but i feel that your smer is the
      mirror image
      > of my pum.....it's so hard....i 'll pray for you and smer.....what
      does your
      > vet say about his prognosis??? how long has he been dx/ed? how old
      is he?
      > linda
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      > Subject: [feline-heart] when is it time to euthanize?
      > I posted on this board last year about my cat, Smer (silly name,
      > story), who has mitral valve insufficiency and is now 11. Starting
      > last December, when we moved into a new house, he started doing a
      > better. Last summer (2000), I really thought he was on his last
      > with fluid building in his lungs. From about December until last
      > July, he had no problems and I had him on 2.5mg Vasotec BID and 25mg
      > lasix BID (scary, I know). Starting in late July, the fluid once
      > again began to build up in his lungs. He now gurgles when he purrs,
      > has problems breathing, and sleeps almost all of the time, although
      > he still eats, moves around, meets me at the door, and generally
      > seems happy. I do NOT want to take him to the emergency hospital
      > again in order to have the fluid drained from his lungs -- the last
      > time he was there in August of 2000, he was very upset. I've
      > increased his lasix, but it doesn't seem to be helping.
      > Two questions. I've read that doctors often use a mix of diurectics
      > to help flush fluid because the body becomes resistant to the same
      > diuretic over time. Does anyone have any suggestions for other
      > diurectics their vets have used? I have tried rutin, but he will not
      > eat this in his food and I refuse to pill him with such an
      > unpleasantly large pill.
      > We have seriously been thinking of putting Smer to sleep. We don't
      > want him to decline to the point where he goes into serious CHF (and
      > won't eat) or drowns of fluid in his lungs. I'd rather let him go
      > while he is still relatively happy and spare him any torment. If I
      > choose the date, I can have the vet come to our house, which is
      > prefereable since Smer hates car rides and veterinarians. Any
      > thoughts? I realize this is probably a personal decision since I
      > my cat best, but if anyone has any thoughts or has any experiences
      > that can help to guide me, I would appreciate them. Thanks.
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