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36717Sasha and HCM

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  • gill7penny
    Jun 13, 2009
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      Hi. Just an update on Sasha and a request for anyone's experiences on how HCM seems to go in peaks and troughs. Is that usual?

      Since Sasha has recovered from being so poorly at the vet's hospital last week, she seems to have a new lease of life.

      Even 2 weeks before that visit, and when she saw the new vet the week before, she appeared to have gone downhill. Her breathing was faster and she was very inactive and looked generally out of sorts.

      This last week though she has been back to bounding round the garden, playing with everything in sight and having a good appetite. I know this may not last but I assumed HCM was a progressive illness and that everytime she went downhill she would remain that way or get worse.

      I would welcome any comments on this.


      Gill and Sasha.