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36714Lost my Sebastian - offering left-over meds for FREE

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  • Cluvaughn28
    Jun 12 5:12 PM
      I put my Sebastian to rest on Monday 6-8-09. His body began shutting down, he stopped eating & drinking water and as the vet had warned me, he crashed really quickly from the stomach/intestinal cancer. So I feel like at least he isn't in pain now, and I have been working on sewing projects in the evening to keep me occupied.

      I contacted Carol (with her Snowball) and asked if I could post an offer to give away the unused medications I had from Sebastion. She said I could. I felt bad just throwing it away and if it could be used by anyone. . . my vet told me they would dispose of it, but couldn't give it to anyone else to use. That just seems such a waste. Anyway I've listed what I have left-over, just email me at Cluvaughn28 @ Dejazzd dot com
      Anyone who can use it I will gladly mail it to them. In the original container with expiration dates on them. Everything is good until 2010 - 2011.

      Available medications list:

      Tapazole 5mg: (thyroid meds)= 8 pills total
      Prednisone 5mg: (steroid meds) = 23 pills total
      Atenolol 25mg: (Beta Blocker)= 16 pills total

      Thanks for all your support and kindness. I've learned so much just from reading through posts.

      Elaine (& my 9 remaining kitties)