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  • Sue
    Jun 3, 2009
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      My understanding is that the body manufactures CoQ10. When you start
      supplementing, the body reduces its own production. Therefore, if you stop
      suddenly, the body doesn't have enough.

      If you decrease the dose gradually, it gives the body a chance to
      compensate. If you stop suddenly, there is little to no CoQ10 in the body
      until it gets a chance to recover. I don't know how long that takes.

      Sue and angels Pepper & Gandy
      with Nicholai, Lola-Joy and Isabella

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      > Hi Sue
      > Can you explain what the health problem is when dropping CoQ10. When Trixi
      > had her heart attack and went to the hospital, she missed it for a week
      > and
      > I didn't dare put her back on the Cardio S in case it unbalanced her. Now
      > I`m worried after reading your post.
      > Thanks :)
      > Lyn
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