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36584Emily Pls Help

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  • rowbearg
    May 28 7:30 AM
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      Hi Remember Emily who threw a blood clot 3 weeks ago. Well she is walking almost normal now.
      But I have another problem. I gave her some new food as a side dish . She loved it, but during the night threw up and kept throwing up. Now she will not eat anything. Has been a day now. Hardly drinking either. I am forceing fluids down her. Can I get her on IV fluids with a enlarged Heart. Is this safe....
      I am worried she will get dehydrated...
      Also why wont she eat. She threw up greenish lig. She did not throw up yesterday until the night. Only once.
      Could the food have upset her stomach so bad that she cant eat?????
      I gave her some pepcid last night. I have been up most of the night with her. How much pepcid is ok to give. I gave @ 7 mg. Getting ready to give slipper elm. How much of that?
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