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3650Re: [feline-heart] when is it time to euthanize?

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  • Anyes Moscrip
    Sep 7, 2001
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      Mike & Linda Irrgang wrote:

      > Dear Everyone and Anynes,
      > Can you please give me your educated opinion on the following re: fluid
      > buildup
      > Pum :
      > -lies on his back
      > -sleep curled up for long periods of time
      > -does not like to "meow" right now; seems to avoid meowing; meows as little
      > as possible
      > -lies stretched out on his side alot to rest/sleep (he never did this until
      > we lived here and I attribute it to the excessive amt of heat)
      > -drinks alot of water (but always has)
      > -"wheezes" at inhalation
      > -squeaks when i pick him up like under the rib cage but only if he was
      > already in the middle of a meow
      > Thank you for taking time to talk to us.....
      > We are grateful for all input.....

      I doubt very much that there is fluid build up. A kitty with fluid build up
      will not lay down on his back. It is very hard to breathe that way. I can
      attest to that personally. Also, the squeaking would be unmistakable if he had
      fluid build up. If you put your palm under his rib cage between his front legs
      and lift his upper body off the couch, he would protest from the pressure, and
      not just occasionally.

      The wheezing has me a little worried but sounds more like allergies or asthma.
      Has Pum ever suffered from either?

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