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3642Re: [feline-heart] when is it time to euthanize?

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  • Anyes Moscrip
    Sep 6, 2001
      Mike & Linda Irrgang wrote:

      > can you tell me more about the early signs? i thought one of them was not
      > sleeping "curled up" but pum will sleep curled up for hours without
      > moving...even now.

      Yes, a kitty with fluid build up will not lay down with head upside down or
      belly up. Also, sudden weight gain with drop in appetite, sleeping more,
      squeaking or protesting when picked up with hand under rib cage (as fluids push
      against major organs), slowed deliberate breaths using lower flanks as bellows,
      drop in body temperature, muffled heart sound when listening to the heart with

      2 very good tools to have at home: a scale that measure to 1/10 of once and a
      stethoscope. I weighed my hcm/crf kitty every day to monitor unusual weight
      gain. With the stethoscope (about $10), you learn what the normal sound is like
      so that when the heart is muffled by fluids, you know the difference.

      I hope this helps,
      Anyes and the girls
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