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36403Re: [FH] has anyone been able to look at Tic's reports on her heart?

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  • katy4282003
    May 8, 2009
      i had belles hemocrit run low in september and her platelets as well. platelets are really hard to judge at most labs. many times they do a visual because the platelets fall thru and arent detected by the machine. was this lab done in house? you might get a more accurate results sending to a lab. when belle got rechecked in april they sent it to a lab and did the whole chebang- everything was normal. it cost more but to me well worth it. did she fast before her bloodwork? that might be why the glucose is low. i would be most concerned with the urean nitrogen and BUN readings since they are off and i know that has to do with kidneys but i havent had any experiences with it myself. i would retest at a lab just to have another reading to be more accurate. i also wanted to share that my FIL cat, smokey, (not a heart kitty but she was neglected and kicked and found eating out of a dumpster and was recused by a kind man before being adopted to my FIL). i really wanted smokey to see the vet- for 1 she was getting older and she is indoor/outdoor (this drives me crazy since i worry about her but i cannot convience my FIL that she should be indoor or if she must outdoor on a leash or supervised) and he has had her for a year and a half. her alt/phos numbers where high. i read that this could be liver issues and i worried that when she was abandoned by the original owner she didnt eat and it caused liver damage. the vet wanted me to give her antibotics for 2 weeks and recheck. at the recheck she was good to go-it was a low lying infection.

      katy & belle

      > If anyone knows anything about labs please look...thanks Kim
      > Thanks Kim
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