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  • PathweaverK@gmail.com
    May 1, 2009
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      Hi all, I've been watching the emails here for a couple of weeks while
      waiting for a diagnosis, and today, I just learned that Apollo does in
      fact have a fairly aggressive HCM. He's going to be on a variety of
      meds, including Diltiazem twice a day. This is happening right when I
      have to go out of town for several days for work. I have coverage for
      most of the time, but need to get lined up with a reliable pet sitter
      quickly to cover one morning this week plus to have someone available in
      case something comes up while I'm gone. I live in Sterling, VA, in
      Loudoun County but very close to Fairfax. If there's anyone from this
      area on this list who can make a recommendation, I'd really appreciate
      it. I've found several places online, but it's hard to tell from a
      website who's good.

      Thanks so much!