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  • charlotte
    Apr 11, 2009

      Our 19 month old Sphynx, John, was diagnosed with HCM on march 24th. He had a borderline echocardiogram 6 months earlier. The vet who did the scan told us it was very important to put him on a low salt diet and that she recommended he start a calcium channel blocker. There was another vet at the practice who did the heart scan who is experienced at treating HCM cats and we wanted her to manage John's treatment but she won't consult with us unless our vet refers us as she doesn't want to step on his toes. So that was about 3 weeks ago and we are still waiting for John to start his meds as the specialist vet does not seem to be able to make contact with the head vet at our usual practice. I am getting quite frustrated and will be trying to move things along once normal business resumes after Easter. I would like to get John on meds ASAP then get a referral to the more experienced HCM vet for his ongoing treatment.

      I do not have a report back from the specialist yet so all I know is that his left wall measurement was 6.3mm and she could see just by looking at the image that the heart wall was thickened. I had hoped to have more info by now.

      I have read old threads on this list about diet and have decided to go for quality over sodium levels. I am feeding John Yarrah organic dry food, 75% meat content and .4% sodium level. The lower salt foods I found had grains as the primary ingredient so I was happier using the Yarrah for grazing and Bozita wet cat food at 1.5% to 2%, a grain free tinned food for his main meals. John has been neutered and has put on over half a kilo which is great as he was always a slender cat.

      Can anyone refer me to a source for various supplements or alternative supports that can be useful for cats with heart disease? Looking at old posts, the supplements mentioned often seem to be made with the assumption that the reader knows about the effect/dosage of the supplement so I kind of need a Heart Supplements For Dummies Guide :)

      Thank you

      DaddyO Sphynx

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