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3603RE: [feline-heart] Harpsie update, Friday a.m.

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  • Mike & Linda Irrgang
    Aug 31, 2001
      We are all praying for harpsie in our cat home....

      linda and the boys

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      Sent: Friday, August 31, 2001 3:58 AM
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      Subject: [feline-heart] Harpsie update, Friday a.m.

      Hi, everyone

      I've been sitting here waiting for the time when I was supposed to call the
      vet, unable to concentrate on much else and hoping I'd be allowed to bring
      Harpsie home this morning.

      Harpsie's temperature is normal this morning, and he is getting feisty
      (which means in his case that he's feeling better). As usual, he is not
      eating at the vet's. The plan is to take him off the drip this morning and
      monitor him all day, I am to call at 5 p.m. and if his temperature is still
      OK, he will be allowed to come home. They would really like to monitor him
      for a bit longer, the vet nurse said his temperature had been
      "lifethreatening" in that if they hadn't been able to get it down, he would
      have started having seizures, not a good idea with his heart condition. But
      since he won't eat for them, he is to come home tonight with luck, and has
      to go back on Monday for a check up. My vet has 24/7 hours (it's the law in
      UK, and a real blessing), so if Harpsie deteriorates over the weekend, we
      can just take him straight up to the vet's. But I'm hoping it won't come to

      My Mum rang me on Wed to ask how Harpsie was. I told her he still had his
      high temperature and was on a drip, and I was then astounded when she said I
      should really consider letting him go, that this wasn't fair on him!! I told
      her that since the vet had not suggested euthanasia, I didn't see why it was
      even a possibility. Harpsie does get ill quite often because of all his
      ailments, but he has a wonderful quality of life inbetweentimes. He jumps
      over the bushes in the garden, is very interested in his new sister, purrs
      and demands cuddles. My Mum did not mean to be unkind, she is not a cat
      person but loves me and hates to see me in distress because of the cats.

      I really appreciate the outpouring of support. I am up against tight
      deadlines for the next two weeks, so please forgive me if I don't respond
      personally at this time. I will get round to it eventually! Sending white
      light to all other felines and humans in crisis or distress.

      Helen, Harpsie, Indie and Karma, and Angels Tanya, George and Thomas
      Tanya's UK Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Centre

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