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3596Re: Harpsie update, Friday a.m.

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  • flyerfan@blazenet.net
    Aug 31, 2001
      We will all keep our fingers crossed that Harpsie will be coming home
      today. It will make both of you feel better!

      Jeanne, Dom, Bono & Louie

      --- In feline-heart@y..., "Helen" <helenandcats@n...> wrote:
      > Hi, everyone
      > I've been sitting here waiting for the time when I was supposed to
      call the
      > vet, unable to concentrate on much else and hoping I'd be allowed
      to bring
      > Harpsie home this morning.
      > Harpsie's temperature is normal this morning, and he is getting
      > (which means in his case that he's feeling better). As usual, he is
      > eating at the vet's. The plan is to take him off the drip this
      morning and
      > monitor him all day, I am to call at 5 p.m. and if his temperature
      is still
      > OK, he will be allowed to come home. They would really like to
      monitor him
      > for a bit longer, the vet nurse said his temperature had been
      > "lifethreatening" in that if they hadn't been able to get it down,
      he would
      > have started having seizures, not a good idea with his heart
      condition. But
      > since he won't eat for them, he is to come home tonight with luck,
      and has
      > to go back on Monday for a check up. My vet has 24/7 hours (it's
      the law in
      > UK, and a real blessing), so if Harpsie deteriorates over the
      weekend, we
      > can just take him straight up to the vet's. But I'm hoping it won't
      come to
      > that!!
      > My Mum rang me on Wed to ask how Harpsie was. I told her he still
      had his
      > high temperature and was on a drip, and I was then astounded when
      she said I
      > should really consider letting him go, that this wasn't fair on
      him!! I told
      > her that since the vet had not suggested euthanasia, I didn't see
      why it was
      > even a possibility. Harpsie does get ill quite often because of all
      > ailments, but he has a wonderful quality of life inbetweentimes. He
      > over the bushes in the garden, is very interested in his new
      sister, purrs
      > and demands cuddles. My Mum did not mean to be unkind, she is not a
      > person but loves me and hates to see me in distress because of the
      > I really appreciate the outpouring of support. I am up against tight
      > deadlines for the next two weeks, so please forgive me if I don't
      > personally at this time. I will get round to it eventually! Sending
      > light to all other felines and humans in crisis or distress.
      > Helen, Harpsie, Indie and Karma, and Angels Tanya, George and Thomas
      > *************************************
      > Tanya's UK Feline Chronic Renal Failure
      Information Centre
      > http://users.ouvip.com/tanya
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