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  • crazycatlady2003
    Mar 1, 2009
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      I joined the group after I lost my sweet Twinkie in June, 2007 to HCM.
      I have learned so much by following the posts. Since losing Twink, I
      have also lost my beloved Snowflake to CRF and lymphoma. Snowy "sent"
      me a sweet little boy I named Willie. He is almost 8 months old a nd he
      is very playful, active and seemingly healthy, but every few days or
      so, in the morning, he will stop and cough that scary sounding dry
      cough that doesn't produce a hairball or anything else. Looking back on
      Twinkie, I am afraid Willie may have a heart issue, too.
      Am I just being paranoid, or is there a test you would recommend I have
      done on Willie? When he went in to be neutered in late December, the
      vet said his heart sounded good and strong, but we didn't do any tests
      to check. I just lost Snowy in Oct. 2008, and I got Willie exactly 4
      weeks later. He has stolen my heart, and I really want to take good
      care of his.
      Thank you,
      Marcia, Willie and Angels Twinkie and Snowflake
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