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35722Re: [FH] IMPORTANT INFO: Taking CoQ10 with blood thinners

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  • moonpye
    Feb 4, 2009
      I'm not going to change anything right now. Skylar is doing well too, but I
      am concerned about the Plavix with the Coq10. His cardio knows he is taking
      the Coq10 and didn't say that he shouldn't. I had him on a lower dose and
      the cardio said 30mg is what he should be on.
      I will have to ask him next visit if he should continue with it and about
      the Plavix. If anyone finds out more info please let us know.

      Judi, after starting Enalapril, the cardio said Skylar must have a renal
      panel to see how his kidneys were...we have not had to start the Lasix, I am
      sure you would watch the kidneys with it too...I would check with the cardio
      about reducing Max's Lasix.

      Candace with Cinnamon and Skylar :)

      > I too am unsure of what to do, Max seems to be doing wonderfully right now,
      > and I don't want to change anything!
      > I also wanted to know, is it the lasix which causes the kidney problems, or
      > just any meds, or is it the enalapril? I think it's the lasix, and since
      > Max doesn't seem to be having any problems I was thinking of reducing his
      > dosage...any comments?
      > thanks...Judi and Max

      > Just was wondering if there was anymore thoughts on COQ 10 and blood
      > thinners? should we continues to give? or should all of us who's babies are
      > on it, should start to whean them off of it?Thanks a bunch for all the info
      > -Patty

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