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35699OT: URGENT for California- Oppose tax on vet services and meds!

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  • Carol
    Jan 31, 2009
      CA wants to legislate a 9% tax on all veterinary services, INCLUDING

      This fact sheet sums up the negative impacts:

      or http://tinyurl.com/d2krw6

      This is really reprehensible at a time when so much is being done to
      heighten awareness regarding animal care. Veterinarians, whose
      training and licensing is as rigorous as that of MDs, will now have
      their care taxed as though they were dispensing canned goods. The
      cost of surgeries, neutering, etc. is high—an additional 9% will
      discourage many from giving their pet care. As well, preventative
      care, yearly vaccines, and management of lifelong medical condition
      (such as diabetes) may no longer be feasible for many. Already lots
      of folks are having to relinquish pets to the pound due to the
      current economy. This tax will definitely result in even more
      abandonments and euthanasias of healthy animals. Also, added cost
      for food animal care will be passed on to the consumer, so your cost
      of food is going to increase.

      The California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) is strongly
      opposed to Governor Schwarzenegger's proposal to add a sales tax on
      veterinary services. They urge you to contact the Governor, the
      Legislative Leadership and your state representatives. Register your
      opinion with Governor Schwarzenegger to remove the Veterinary
      Services Tax from the budget proposal. It's simple and effective.
      Just call the Governor's office and make it known that balancing the
      budget at the expense of our pets' health is not acceptable!!!

      This takes less than 1 minute - you can punch the numbers one after
      the other, it's all automated.

      Please Call: (916) 445-2841: then press: 1 - 5 - 1 - 2

      Press 1 for English.
      Press 5 for the veterinary tax proposal.
      Press 1 if you're calling about the veterinary tax proposal.
      Press 2 to oppose the tax.

      ALSO....the CVMA main website has links for additonal information,
      including the fact sheet and the contact information for key members
      of the legislature as well as your local representatives. If you're
      so inclined to write:



      1. http://www.cvma.net/images/cvmapdf/VetSalesTaxFact_12_08.pdf
      2. http://www.cvma.net/

      **Please forward to others. Thanks for your support.
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