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35398RE: [FH] update not good for stray

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  • Adrian D
    Dec 5, 2008
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      Hi Vickie,

      I am so sorry to hear that your sweet lovely stray kitty is sick. My boyfriend and I recently took on a stray kitty to foster. He showed up in our yard terrified, blind and severely dehydrated. He was declawed, and neutered so we held out hope that his human parents would come and claim him (no luck). Like your kitty he was a lover or as my boyfriend called him "a lap addict". To make a long story short we took him to the vet several times, had him tested for FIV, FLeuk, worms, and standard bloods. The vet declared him healthy but suspiciously blind...so we adopted him out (to a vet student of all people)....who took him to specialists to diagnose his the cause of his blindness. The specialists determined that he was in early stages of renal failure and might have FIP, and could not rule out FIP....so the vet student decided that he was a risk to her other cats and could not keep him. She gave him 2 weeks to find a new home before he was PTS. Between the 3 humans involved, we networked like crazy and found a loving home (with another vet student) for the kitty in a week. He is going to get all the care he needs and extra love to for whatever time he has left

      It just goes to show that you never know. Feline Leukemia can be devasting, but I know of several cats who tested positive for it and lived several happy months to years inside with loving people. Don't give up hope of finding a home for the kitty. If our stray's story is any indication....vet students are suckers for sick affectionate cats :) You might try posting an adoption add at the nearest vet school or vet tech training facility.


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