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35390Re: [FH] update not good for stray

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  • Sue B
    Dec 5, 2008
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      I had a similar situation with a stray that I took care of. I named him
      Oscar and he was really sweet. He also started having bad diarrhea & losing
      weight. I took him to the vet and found that he had leukemia. I did have
      him PTS because I was afraid of the disease spreading through the
      neighborhood. It was a tough decision and sometimes I still question it.

      Then a few years later, I adopted another stray - Gandy (Gandalph the Grey).
      He moved in after Pepper passed on. I adopted two other cats when Gandy got
      sick. That's when I found he had both FIV & leukemia. I isolated the other
      cats. Sadly, Gandy passed in less than 2 weeks. He got sick so fast and
      couldn't do anything. I had to hand-feed him and carry him to the litter
      box and hold him up.

      It's a lesson to always test the strays. Initially I skipped the test since
      Pepper hated Gandy so he was going to stay outside. Since you can't control
      their environment, there's no point in testing them. When Pepper pased on
      and Gandy moved in, he'd been around for so long that I just forgot to test

      It's a horrible disease. I hope you find a home for him.

      Sue & angels Pepper & Gandy
      with Nicholai, Lola-Joy & Isabella

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      > Hi all,
      > Well here is the update on the stray that had diarrhea, well I took
      > him to the vet, and he ended up having leukemia and mild anemia.
      > I'm just heart broken... I feel so bad, but I just can't risk letting
      > him in the house, I let him in for a few day, when I knew better, that
      > I shouldn't have until he was tested, and sure as S**T he had my
      > worst fear, I can't believe I did this...I can't believe, now I have
      > to worry about my other two cats. sighhhh
      > Thanks all,
      > Vickie
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