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35388update not good for stray

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  • Vickie
    Dec 4 10:06 PM
      Hi all,

      Well here is the update on the stray that had diarrhea, well I took
      him to the vet, and he ended up having leukemia and mild anemia.

      I'm just heart broken... I feel so bad, but I just can't risk letting
      him in the house, I let him in for a few day, when I knew better, that
      I shouldn't have until he was tested, and sure as S**T he had my
      worst fear, I can't believe I did this...I can't believe, now I have
      to worry about my other two cats. sighhhh

      I know that he has lived outdoors, good knows how long, I know he has
      somewhere else to sleep when it's cold.. I know last year I use to see
      him go in my nighbors attic, so maybe he's doing it again, haven't
      caught where he is going.

      I get so attch...but he just melts in your arms, that is what makes
      it even harder, is the why he loves to be loved. I just have no way
      to give him his own room.

      I hate to see him go, but I can find a home for him, w/other cat
      w/leukemia.. and someone who can care for him 24/7, I work, and he
      is the hardest pet that I have ever had to give meds too. I was given
      something for his diarrhea, he just lock that jaw shut..I don't even
      know if it' helping, since I don't know where he goes.

      Now I wish, it would have been Hyper-T then this... at least that
      could have been treated. The vet thinks he's about 12-15 yrs old,
      and the teeth from one side have all been removed. Make me wonder
      how they were removed, cause I think it has to do w/why he will not
      let me touch his mouth area, other wise, and can touch him anywhere.
      Even months ago, this cat was dirty, So I grabbed him, mind you I
      didn't touch him back then, anyway, and gave him a bath, he wasn't
      to bad, didn't like the water, but like the shampoo part. I think he
      just like the fact he was being touched.

      The last to night when i got home I sat out on the chair on the porch
      and held him, and let him rub on me, told him i was sorry, but I'm
      doing what I can for him. He make me itchy, and bump on my lip..
      some cats do that to me. Then I wash off after being done holding

      Thank all for let me vent, I care for all cats, but this time, I just
      can't risk my other too, all I can do at this point is feed him like
      I have, and give him love, which he didn't get from me before. See
      this cat would show up abt 1130pm at night, when I would wake up to
      give baby his heart pills, so I would slide a plates of Baby's can
      food he didn't eat, so I never had contact w/the cat, plus it was late
      and back to bed, the cat would only come late, late at night. I did
      everything to keep my cats safe from the strays outside, even more so
      when Baby was alive.

      Thanks all,
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