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35359Re: CHF: How do you know the time has come?

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  • jintzr
    Dec 1, 2008
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      What dose of furosemide did they put Dodger on? Sounds like perhaps
      he may need a stronger dose, if he is still having labored
      breathing. They can also add other diuretics if furosemide is not
      getting rid of all the fluid. There are other medications that can
      help, and I think someone already mentioned the supplements that can
      help, also.

      Did they also do a blood test to test Dodger's kidney function?
      Hyperthyroidism can cause some kidney disfunction.

      The last echo my cat Ren had, the cardiologist thought Ren was so bad
      he might not survive the car ride home. Ren lived a full, happy,
      good life for a year after that. I know many other cats have went on
      to live much longer. You can't really go by time-lines, cats are
      amazing and continue to surprise us.

      It just sounds to me like they maybe don't have the medication or
      dosage quite right yet. An echocardiogram or ultrasound would help,
      but if you are worried about Dodger getting really upset and
      stressed, talk with them about some other medications, dosages,
      options for him.

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "michellekirkpatrick23"
      <michellekirkpatrick23@...> wrote:
      > Our cat Dodger was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism 8mths ago.
      > Treatment with meds didn't work, and monthly to weekly visits to
      > blood levels checked stressed Dodger out beyond belief!
      > We finally agreed to have the radioactive iodine treatment in Oct.
      > Dodger did really well for about 1 1/2 weeks...eating regularly and
      > putting on weight. Then he started with heavy breathing, but still
      > eating and acting normally.
      > We took him in for a "routine" thyroid level check, and as usual,
      > stressed out. This time though, he started hyperventilating at the
      > vet's office. They had to quickly take him back and put him on
      > because he was turning blue.
      > We were shocked when the vet came and told us he did an xray, and
      > couldn't even see Dodger's heart because of all the fluid! He said
      > Dodger was in congestive heart failure. He drained 120 cc of clear
      > fluid. gave him oxygen and diueretic. The vet suggested we take
      > Dodger to the ER vet for oxygen therapy and ultrasound to determine
      > the cause of the CHF.
      > We thought Dodger was dying, and we wanted to bring him home with
      > He instantly improved at home, and the vet prescribed Enacard and
      > Fueriside twice a day. We started him on the meds, and while he had
      > continued to eat, purr and act normally...the labored breathing
      > continued. We took him back to the ER this past Sunday, thinking we
      > would try and get the ultrasound to find out his exact prognosis.
      > The vet said Dodger had a 50/50 chance of making it through the
      > testing, and even then he would have a few months at most. He
      > couldn't guarantee Dodger would have good quality of life for those
      > months. We had discussed the fact that we might have to put Dodger
      > sleep. My boyfriend decided not to chance the testing, but also was
      > not ready for the other.
      > Once again, we brought Dodger home, thinking he was leaving us
      > And yet again, days have passed and his breathing remains labored,
      > remains in one spot, and as of today he has stopped eating. I tried
      > to get my boyfriend to take him in last night and put him to sleep
      > and he agreed. Then when we picked up Dodger and wrapped him up, he
      > knew we were off to the vet and he meowed loudly and jumped down.
      > boyfriend took this as a sign that Dodger isn't "ready".
      > I guess my question is, how will we know when the end is really
      > for Dodger so we can make it peaceful, with less suffering?
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