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35340Re: [FH] Re: CHF: How do you know the time has come?

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  • BubbaCat1@aol.com
    Nov 28 2:47 AM
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      Charlie never minded his ultrasounds, and with chylous effusion he had them
      weekly. The cardiologist's exam table had a hole thru the bottom so Charlie
      would lay normally (upright) on the table but the doc could slip his hand (and
      the sensor) up from underneath to do the ultrasound. I thought this was a
      wonderful idea since Charlie didn't like being on his back very much. The
      cardiologist always made sure I was near Charlie's face when we re-positioned him,
      noting that patients are much less stressed when mom (or dad) is close and

      I would insist on being in the room when any procedure is being done. If he
      started to get stressed, YOU would be the first to see it coming and can stop
      the procedure if necessary.


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